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About Acceleration
Super-Charge your career, and create impact in every step!
We are Bank BTPN!
We are the epitome of work-life balance. Get your chance to create positive differences!
Empowerment! That is the guiding stars for our journey at Bank BTPN. Which hold true for both sides; for our customer, and our employees. Creating positive impacts can only be done with a happy and full heart, that is what we firmly believed,
Life @BTPN
We are Bank BTPN!
We do our business with YOU in the centre! Go and make positive differences!

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With our brilliant teamwork, we can make the life of millions better.
Self Growth
We encourage you to strive and be the best version of yourself every day!
We are more than just a familiar face at the office. We are a family.
Building connection beyond banking, beyond boundaries, is what we do best!
Digitally Powered
Utilizing technology advancement, we reinvent banking business as a whole.
Creating Opportunities for a Better Life
Be the best version of you, everyday!
Technology Driven Services
Trust based relation building
We are, in fact, a big family!
Spark your spirit and get an awesome start with the stories from our family!

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BTPN Insight
An assortment of cool tips to step-up on your game in every situation.