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Employer Branding Team
January 31, 2022
on Internship
Employer Branding Team, January 31, 2022 on Internship
Fathimah Nur Shabrina: Making The Best Out of Internship & Organizational Experience
As they say... “tak kenal maka tak sayang”. So, greetings to anyone reading this! My name is Shabrina, and I was a Product Marketing Intern for almost a year at Bank BTPN Digital Banking business (Jenius).How did your journey at Ba...
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Employer Branding Team
January 10, 2022
on Internship
Employer Branding Team, January 10, 2022 on Internship
Nikita Luisa: Pursuing Passion in Writing: Bank BTPN Content Writer Intern Story
Have you ever heard a quote saying that the best feeling in the world is when you can get paid for doing what you love? If I can describe my experience working at Bank BTPN as a Content Writer Intern in the past 6 months, this quote would be the perf...
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Employer Branding Team
December 24, 2021
on Internship
Employer Branding Team, December 24, 2021 on Internship
Aldi Agusmuharam: Confessions of a UI/UX Illustrator Intern at Bank BTPN
Hi there! For those whom I may share my humble and jumbles little journey as a UI/UX Illustrator Intern at Bank BTPN, I’m Aldi from BTPN Digital SME (don't confuse me with a Europe-based store which was called the same, I'm 100% local but always th...
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